Don’t Teach Your Patients

New clinical practitioners have spent years in the classroom being "taught", loving the learning. But you are not your patients. Pull yourself out of your experience and into theirs with these 4 tips: 1. The relationship is the product.  That's … [Read more...]

Your customers’ morning

What is the first thing your customers do every day? Do you know? Are they reading the newspaper, or checking e-mail (on their phone, iPad or computer), or do they check FaceBook first?  The answer may surprise you. … [Read more...]

Time is Energy: Facebook, Twitter and Energizing Your Posts

Social media tactics make strategy work. Scheduling is critical in social media, otherwise great content falls on deaf ears. If you track engagement on your pages, you'll find that patients are more interested in your posts at certain times of the … [Read more...]

Creating Your Marketing Plan: Community Events

Creating a marketing plan for your health or wellness practice is simple. Don't over-complicate things. Pick up your desk calendar and let's go. No procrastinating. … [Read more...]

Easy Face Lift For Your Facebook Thumbnail

The Facebook profile photo is valuable real estate.: make the most of it with a precisely formatted photo. … [Read more...]

Neti Pots 100% Safe, says Expert in Ayurveda

Press Release -- Nevada City, California -- December 19, 2011 — Contaminated water sources, not neti pots, are the source of fatal brain-eating amoeba deaths in Louisiana, said Dr. Marc Halpern, an American expert in clinical Ayurveda and President … [Read more...]

Lessons for “Healing Your Life,” New Book by Ayurvedic Expert Dr. Marc Halpern

                Through 15 practical lessons in the new book “Healing Your Life,” Dr. Marc Halpern, President of the California College of Ayurveda, shows how even small changes in what … [Read more...]

Patient-centered marketing materials

Ego takes a back seat to patient-centered care in marketing as a spiritual practice. Care, outcomes, needs are patient-centered concepts. Tools, training, technology and techniques are provider-centered ego concepts. At right, this … [Read more...]

Using Feedback to Retain Patients, Part 1

Part of Marketing as a Spiritual Practice is asking for the wisdom of customers or patients. Your patients' intentions are always positive, they will make the best choice available to them. If they choose to recommend you to friends and family, … [Read more...]

Reaching African-American Patients

There are 15% more African-American households in the United States than Hispanic households, and African-Americans are more religious than Hispanics and whites. Yesterday's article in the New York Times highlights African-American Atheists, who … [Read more...]